DJ-Finanz – Shige Yamakata
Kurstr. 16 Bad Nauheim 61231, Germany (map)
tel. +49 6032 9982 8500
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Hi, my name is Shigeyoshi Yamakata.
I’m a certified insurance broker and investment advisor.

I moved to Germany from Japan in 1998. I have experiences in finance and insurance area for more than 10 years, in addition to various intercultural as well as NGO projects. My team and I are more than happy to support your life in Germany.

Our office locates in a beautiful spa town called Bad Nauheim, 40km north of Frankfurt. The town is known for europe’s biggest art nouveau style hot spring buildings (see photos). The town is worth a visit, but of course we provide customers far from Frankfurt with remote services via skype, telephone and e-mails.

– VAT ID No. : DE262447333
– German Tax No.: 01688400453

– certified insurance broker: Reg. No.: D-7A9M-7RF51-82