Insurance Comparison Portal

with following pages you can compare insurances from hundreds of tariffs by yourself. (linked pages are in German)

Bedarfsermittlung / Insurance Comparison Portal


PHV / Liability Insurance

Hausrat / Content Insurance

Unfall / Accident Insurance

KFZ / Car Insurance

Rechtsschutz / Legal Protection Insurance

Wohngebäude / Building Insurance

Life Insurance

Berufsunfähigkeit / Incapability Insurance

Sterbegeld / Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Private Krankenzusatzversicherung / Private Health Insurance

Additional Insurance for Public Health Insurance

Ambulante Zusatzversicherung / Additional Insurance for Outpatient

Dentale Zusatzversicherung / Additional Insurance for Dental

Stationäre Zusatzversicherung / Additional Insurance for Hospitalization


Hundehalterhaftpflicht / Liability Insurance for Dog

Pferdehalterhaftpflicht / Liability Insurance for Horse