Kontist – a German smart bank designed for freelancer

Work as a freelancer, you have to have a bank account and it’s better separated from private one. But most of directbank doesn’t offer business account,  but new German startup Kontist launched it in 2017.

smartphone based bank account

Kontist.com is the kind of bank based on smartphone app designed especially for freelancer and not for private use. Actually, they don’t have bank licence yet but have a partnership with solarisBank AG.

– is free German bank account with virtual MasterCard.
– has a simple video-chat verification process, you just need Personal ID and German address.
– controls your turn over and costs
– estimate your tax rate real-time and automatically

– physical MasterCard(optional) costs 29€ yearly, free if you spend more than 3.000€ per year with your card!

Pricing detail ⇒ https://kontist.com/en/pricing

estimate your tax as a freelancer

without having an account at Kontist.com, you can check your tax rate manually.


here you just answer some question and can get your estimated tax rate sent to you via email


– You can have estimate tax rate and the price you have to pay later automatically.
– open account in 15 minutes just with Personal ID and a German address

– physical credit card costs 29€ p.a. (It’s free by N26.com)

– If you need just one account, I recommend you to have an account at N26.com because N26 offer free physical MasterCard. If you need extra account because you run multiple businesses, then it’s considerable to have Kontist-Account
Kontist.com is a German startup and it’s evolving. I expect them offering better service in the future such as invoicing, accounting.


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